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Bina Maids and Services is the most trustable/popular and a professional private limited company offering the various domestic cleaning services. our company takes the pride to clean your house and provide other maids in an efficient manner.


  • Verified company with reliability
  • No advance payment pay only after the maid joins
  • Have a huge database over 10000+ maids and growings
  • No Renewal Fees
  • Immediate Replacement
  • We do document verification of caretaker
  • Over 100 employees working for Our Satisfaction

Other Maid Agencies

  • Most of Them are Not Even Registered Company
  • Going to Charge Advance Payment-after that they will not answer your calls
  • Have a small 20/30 database
  • Charge Renewal fees
  • They will not answer your phone calls when you ask for replacement
  • They will only claim to do a background check. They will never do it
  • Run by a single man